Why Do A Termite Inspection? The Essential Aspect Towards Saving Your Asset

Termite Inspections – A Must In Maintenance 

Termite inspections are an essential component which is commonly overlooked as part of maintaining your home. A termite inspection annually can save you thousands in pre-determining and identifying termite damage, termite leads or current termite activity within your home that can cause excessive damage to timbers, floorboards, walls and structural timbers making your property a hazard to live in.

Termite damage is not covered in home and content insurance and is only guaranteed by pest controllers as part of a maintenance and routine checking system to ensure your home is kept safe and protected from termites, these guarantees are provided with a termite treatment preventative package which can be quote free on the day after inspection.

All our Termite Inspections here at Quality Pest Management & Solutions come with an 8 page report, detailing all building components of your home, complete with photo evidence and full electronic invoicing. We inspect the roof cavity, subfloor, internals of your home and externals with extensive observations to identify and highlight the likeliness of termites entering your home and provide solutions in preventing termites from entering your home in the first place.

All our inspections come complete with a full internal moisture reading and in some cases, thermal scanning which may be require to identify and give an accurate depiction of problem areas caused by moisture or rotting timbers which can bring termites closer to your home.

A termite inspection is a cheap price to pay in comparison to forking our huge amounts of money on structural damage repairs or expensive termite treatment processes. It is always recommended an annual inspection to identify, protect and prevent and termite damage that can be caused at your home.

Trust in the termite experts and quality assurance of Quality Pest Management & Solutions, and give us a call today on 0423 698 894 or 0423 587 112 to make a booking and secure your asset today.

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