Residential Pest Control

Quality Pest Management & Solutions are dedicated to providing outstanding service, with unmatched quality. We strive to provide a pest free environment from both inside and outside your home, combined with our unique methods of application which are both safe and effective. Our presence in the industry has far surpassed customer expectations with a current 5+ star rated level of service resonating with each job we undertake.

Sydney Pest Control Services are an essential part of maintaining a pest free environment – Standard off the shelf sprays from your local hardware store are ineffective when it comes to self-applied methods and the quality of chemicals are at a lower active rate causing more room for pests to make their way into your home.

We use only the best chemicals available on the market which are safe for you, your home, family, pets and environmentally friendly – superior results are always guaranteed – backed by our 3 month warranty for Units and 6 month warranty for Homes.

Our methods and chemicals are non staining, there is minimal to no smell or odour to ensure we protect your home both from insects and potentially damaging substances which cheaper chemicals can cause.

A standard Residential Pest Control treatment comes complete, we cut no corners or spare no expense when it comes to ensuring we cover the Home all-round.

Each service will cover your entire property – from all the internals, roof cavity / roof void, externals (floors, walls, garden beds, gutters, eaves, garage, down pipes, window frames, fence line and garage area). Many companies tend to spray only physical structure, missing many of the important areas where General Crawling Insects may be harbouring.

Why Choose Quality Pest Management & Solutions:

•  5 Star Rated Service with a combined platform rating of over 200+ reviews  

•  Environmentally friendly and Pet Safe Chemicals

•  No Staining / Smell or Odour with our methods of Application

•  HACCP Accredited Gel’s / Sprays for Internal Use

•  Best on the Market quality chemicals – No cheap Generic Brands

•  3 – 6 month warranty – with guaranteed results to keep your home pest free

•  Safe for Children / Pregnancy

• Local Business with Honest, transparent and trustworthy workers

• Australian Owned and Operated 

• Complete Insurances / Licenses 

• Trusted by other renowned businesses

To make a booking or enquiry, simply give Quality Pest Management & Solutions a call today on 1300 146 292 or email us: