Pre Purchase Pest Inspection Sydney

We Provide Top Quality Pre Purchase Pest Inspection Sydney

The team at Quality Pest Management & Solutions, places a strong emphasis on each and every Pre-Purchase Building and/or Termite Inspection we undertake. From start to finish, every property which has undergone an inspection will receive the utmost attention to detail from top to bottom, both inside and outside the property. We believe in being as Honest, Open and Transparent as possible, to give our clients the best possible inspection for their Asset or Future Asset.

We cater our reports and inspections to an array of clients, such as;
● Property Agents
● Property Owners
● House Owners/ First Home Buyers
● Commercial Landlords
● Investors and Property Managers
● Conveyancing Firms/Lawyers

Excellent Service For Pre Purchase Pest Inspection in Sydney

We strive for excellence which is why our Licensed Pest Management Technicians have the additional Termite and Timber pest accreditations. This further allows us to assist our search in finding any potential pest problems, when purchasing the additional termite inspection on top of your Pre-Purchase Building Inspection.
With extensive experience in the Pest Control and Termite Industry and the addition of pre-construction and termite preventative installations, Quality Pest Management & Solutions endeavors to provide high levels of industry standard experience. Our passion and commitment to each job is what sets us apart from the competition. Our Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection reports entail multiple aspects of coverage, from;

● Property and Building Structure Type and Materials
● External Structure and Buildings Identification
● Thorough Roof Space Inspection
● Thorough Floor Space Inspection
● Identification of Wet Areas
● Identification of Hazard Areas
● Identification of Asbestos
● Identification of Minor Defects and Future Repairs
● Photographic Evidence of entire Property Inspected

At Quality Pest Management & Solutions, we love to utilize the most up-to-date and advanced means of technology, which is why we equip ourselves with Military Grade Thermal Reading devices. This advanced mode of identification allows us to essentially see-through most building materials, with this in mind, our devices can pick up on hidden potential dense or high level areas of moisture, heat, condensation, rising damp and possible termite nests within wall spaces and cracks or crevices not normally seen with the human eye (available with Termite Inspection Addition)!

Quality Pest Management & Solutions holds current Public Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability insurance for peace of mind service and stress free procedures. All of our reporting system is done online via electronic PDF’s which are paper-free so that you can view at your fingertips with quick and easy access, anywhere, anytime. An average of 80+ electronic images (depending on size of structure) are also provided with our inspections, with an average report turn over of a few hours after initial inspection.

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