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Ticks in Australia

Ticks (Ixodes holocyclus) are parasites that feed on human and animal blood. In Australia, there are around 70 species found, and 16 species are reportedly feeding on human blood. The two main groups of ticks are: hard and soft ticks

Hard ticks are prevalent in Australia; they have a big hard mouth and pointing teeth. These species are usually said to bite humans the most and live on human blood. Soft ticks are species that are not primarily found in Australia and rarely come into contact with people.

The Ticks have a distinct seasonality; the larvae stage is active in autumn months, the nymph can be seen during winter and the adult during spring. The ticks spread more in the rainy seasons, and this is when you should be more aware from tick bites.    The few common varieties of ticks found in Australia are:

The most common of all species is Paralysis tick, it is also referred to grass tick, seed tick and bush tick depending upon the stage of development. Four stages of ticks are the egg, larvae, nymph, and adult.

Paralysis ticks are most common in moist and humid areas, the different stages of a paralysis tick will be seen in different seasons, if you live beside trees and bushy places, ticks can enter your house within some seconds.

Why ticks are harmful to humans:

  • They carry toxic saliva which injects into humans when ticks bite and can cause sudden irritation and swelling.
  • In more severe cases of tick bites, people can get into condition known as tick paralysis (partial facial paralysis) including anaphylactic shock.
  • High fever can affect and promote excessive shivering.
  • Bright light exposure can affect negatively to the victim of the tick bite.
  • The most dangerous condition is where the victim have difficulties while breathing, it can cause a sudden collapse.

Other issues:

  • Ticks can enter your home in rainy days, autumn and spring as they are larger in number during these periods, they crawl in your body and move quickly, but they stay in moist and warm place, so they are found in the armpits, scalp or groin.
  • Ticks usually bite animals, and it would not be possible to catch them in your dogs or cats fur.
  • Be careful when you visit beach or sandy areas in moist weather, as you can witness many ticks all around.

What to do to control Ticks?

  • Wear full coverage sleeved shirt and pants to minimise the chances of ticks bite.
  • Chemical method is used to remove multiple larval and nymph ticks as they are smaller in size, it is easy to remove them with the help of chemical insecticides.
  • Fully approved products and specialised equipment are used to eliminate ticks at all stages of their life cycle.

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