How Often Should A Termite Inspection Be Conducted?

It is strongly advised that an inspection be carried out on your home for termites at least every 6-12 months depending on the property structure, what type of surroundings are close to the property and the area it is located in. Areas that are high-risk, tend to have dense foliage, or have had neighbours with termite damage, you want to detect termites early which is why the 6-12 month is perfect, not allowing enough time in between for termites to do prolonged damage. The earlier the detection/inspection takes place, the less damage that can be caused to your property if termites are found.

Why Should A Licensed Termite Inspector Do The Job And Not Myself?

Termites should not be taken too lightly and are a serious concern for a homes structural integrity, regardless of word-of-mouth or possible self-managed treatments, only licensed professionals with the right experience and knowledge are essential in order to correctly identify, treat and eradicate termites properly. As experience, training and having the right qualification plays the biggest factor for detecting termites, there are also several different types of termite species which may be in or around your property affecting different timbers. In addition, having someone with the right knowledge, experience and advanced thermal technology that knows what they’re doing can identify early any signs of termites. No one wants to risk their property not getting inspected the right way by someone who is not licensed.

Is Termite Damage Covered Under Insurance Companies?

The simple answer is no. Termite damage is voided under claim by insurance companies in which these companies have long since known about the destructive habits of termites. The only way to prevent termite damage is through the installation of a Termite Barrier which the professionals at QPMS can provide. The price of a barrier can save you tens of thousands in which termites that are left untreated can cause. Save your property from termite attacks today and email or call us for a quote – All barriers are in accordance with Australian Standard 3660.1.

How Common Are Termites In Australia?

Around one in every 4 properties approximately have had, or will have termites. The issue is common and will continue to be a problem, the best option is to protect your home or asset with a barrier and continue to check/monitor with an inspection every 6-12 months.

How Common Are Termites In Australia?

Around one in every 4 properties approximately have had, or will have termites. The issue is common and will continue to be a problem, the best option is to protect your home or asset with a barrier and continue to check/monitor with an inspection every 6-12 months.

White Ants V Termites

This is a common misconception, however these are the same thing, more traditional naming for termites were called White Ants. This is mainly due to their appearance of being creamy/white body in nature compared to a standard common Black House Ant.

What Is The Cost To Get Rid of Termites In My Home?

This is the age-old question. Prices will vary depending on several factors. We need to take into consideration the extent of the problem, how many areas are affected for example? Do the termites span from one little area in one room, or are they in multiple areas of the house? It could be one small area or possibly spanning several walls. In addition to this, the price can be to just simply eradicate the issue or save even more money by upgrading to a barrier which includes current eradication of termites and acts as a preventative for long term structural protection.

How To Get Rid Of German Cockroaches?

German cockroaches are a massive problem in Sydney and the Inner West. The problem is that they breed relatively quickly and can cause a massive surge in numbers in a short rapid time. A single German Cockroach female can lay up to 30,000eggs per year and are a major issue that can spring up extremely quickly. Main harbouring areas are in the kitchen, bathroom, appliances such as dishwasher and the hot water system, the issue can spread dramatically if left untreated to all areas of the house.

German Cockroaches in Sydney are usually brown in colour and the nymphs are black, but the most distinctive feature to recognize them is their usual small size in nature and slim, thin shape. They are mainly seen at night, however, if you see German cockroaches during the day, there is probably substantial infestation present.

German Cockroaches in Sydney are remarkably resilient to many standard pest control measures and off the shelf type chemical treatments. The main reasons for this resilience include a lack of natural predators, rapid reproduction with a short reproductive cycle, the ability to hide in small and confined spaces, plus an impressive resistance to many chemical pesticides.

For the treatment, control, and removal of German Cockroaches to be effective, it must be comprehensive, structured and systematic. Even the survival of a couple of eggs is enough to ensure re-population and re-infestation.

The best way to treat and remove German Cockroaches from your home/restaurant/cafe or commercial property in Sydney, it is always recommended to use a professional pest control service like Quality Pest Management & Solutions. We can apply the latest professional, safest and licensed chemicals in and around your property to ensure proper eradication with guaranteed results.

German cockroaches are one of the very few insects that require two treatments in order to effectively remove the problem. This is to ensure that the initial treatment eradicates most of the living cockroaches, and a follow up treatment to destroy any unborn, unhatched eggs which start to re-infest creating a new problem, however with the systematic targeting on 21-28 day interval from the initial treatment, we can break the breeding cycle and ensure the problem is gone.

Where Do German Cockroaches Come From?

The main way to get these German Cockroaches is through your shopping. If you are purchasing goods from niche vendors, other stores besides the main grocery chains, this is the main way of getting German Cockroaches. These cockroaches are stowaways, and are transported mainly via Cardboard Packaging. Once inside your home, they can survive indefinitely without proper treatment. At Quality Pest Management & Solutions, we know exactly what signs to look for, how to eradicate these cockroaches with over thousands of successful jobs completed, and finally educate our clients on prevention methods.

How Long Does A General Pest Control Treatment Take and Last?

On average, depending on the size of the property, a standard General Pest Treatment will take around 45 minutes to an hour. During this time, it is advised that no one be at the property as we do require the chemical to dry prior to anyone re-entering the property. A dry time can take between half an hour to a couple hours depending on the climate and temperature conditions on the day.

Do The Chemicals Leave Any Marks Or Smell?

The simple answer is no. As the chemicals have since advanced from the “old days” they are now modified to be super safe for humans and pets, have no staining or leave any bad smells/odours. Once the chemicals have dried, the dosage and residual is only enough to affect the insects we are treating for and that is all!

What Payment Options Are There For My Service?

Currently we accept most eftpos and credit cards or you can pay cash, on the day after the job has been completed.