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Rats might have given you the jump scares of your life. They have the potential to shudder many people’s spines, and are not everyone’s favorite. In Australia, rats enter the residence and human spaces easily to setup their homes to live and feed and breed easily. The most common rat type found in houses is black rat, which seems to outcompete brown rats. Black rats are common in Australia, for reason’s which haven’t been fully understood yet! Black rats are more slender with long tails, but the size and fat of their bodies are not as big as brown rats. Rats can be seen in offices, restaurants, walkways, in kitchen etc. Rats enter your residence through tiny holes and cracks in the foundation or walls without letting you know.  They leave a very dirty and disgusting impact when seen in commercial or residential spaces and are also disliked due their habit of traveling through sewerage lines.

Common varieties of rodents (rats) in Australian cities are:

  • Eastern chestnut mouse(found in Queensland and New South Wales)
  • Forrest’s mouse(found in arid and semi-arid areas across inlands)
  • Long-tailed mouse(found in Island of Tasmania)
  • House mouse(most commonly found in houses)
  • Black rat(also known as ship rat)
  • Swamp rat(found in northern and southern coasts)

The Must Known Reason For Rat Control Sydney

Rats can be wild and they usually bite or scratch humans and their pets, they are harmful as they leave their droppings like urine which carries menacing diseases like Listeria and Hantavirus. Rat-Bite fever is due to infection caused by bite of a rat. The most dangerous is Plague, also known as Black Death which is transmitted through fleas that come from the rats. They can also contaminate your food products and living spaces.

Structural damage caused by rats

If you have seen your clothes that are shredded, or you witness holes in your wood wardrobe or walls, you might have a new resident hiding in your cabinet or any place inside your home.

Rats gnaw on plastic and wood, they chew many things made up of several materials. You end up being renovating and fixing back your affected things again, which can be a painful and expensive task for you.

Common household issues

Rats can gnaw on electric wires, which can lead the house to struggle from short-circuit and in worse cases it may cause fire.
Rat holes may exist between floorboards in unlikely places, such as cabinets. Cluttered areas are most affected by rats, as well as places surrounding dirty water pipes. Rats may also use gas pipe entry holes behind stoves to enter inside your house.

How We Handle Rat Control In Sydney

  • The preventative task that we take is sealing entry points and using non-chemical solutions to manage rodent invasions.
  • Check for mouse nest near evidence of gnawing, as rats live within 30 feet of their nests.
  • Placing mouse traps using bait in every trap station to catch them immediately and get rid of them safely.
  • Advice long-term solutions to prevent rat infestations.

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