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Mice are from rodent family and look like small rats. They can be found in every corner of the world and have a flexible nature so they can exist in all types of environments and weathers. From past, they have been feeding and breeding with humans and now have become habitual of living in homes or sewerage lines of cities. In addition, mice eat waste food usually found in trashcans and sometimes steal food from homes. These critters also kill insects or eat plant seeds to satisfy their hunger.

Their sizes range between 7cm-10cm in length and are found in crop fields or homes commonly.

The Importance Of Mice Control Sydney

Various different sizes and colours, but can be divided into two major categories which are field mouse and house mouse.

As clear from their names, field mouse can be found in farms, gardens and fields. A common food source are seeds from crops or garden fruits, and sometimes pests or insects.

House Mouse live in homes or buildings in abundance and are nocturnal, their favorite diet is cereal. Further more, they love to live underground in multifaceted tunnel networks

Health concerns

Eat and steal unsecured food and contaminate the food or area from where they pass by.

Leave a trail of urine which can cause food poisoning, allergies and many chronic diseases.

Most dangerous health risk associated with mice is of carrying a disease known as leptospirosis. The diseases can turn to be fatal if not treated properly.

Other Problems

Mice have a habit of scratching walls which can become a reason of devaluation of your property.

They make their homes by making holes in wood or other soft building materials.

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Home remedies and local mouse traps are not effective in most cases and just killing one or two mice will not solve the issue.

At Quality Pest Management & Solutions, we provide outstanding solutions to get rid of mice. Our traps, baits and methods are efficient, and we use appropriate chemicals to control their breeding process.

Additionally we can conceal areas around your property to minimise the chances of mice entering your living spaces.

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