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Scorpions in Australia

Scorpions belong to the same family of which spiders are: the “Arachnidae” family. There are about 100 species of scorpions present in Australia. Some households are located in the-city-center area or nearby a jungle that often complains about scorpions entering their houses. Australia has a variety of scorpion that has a size from 2-12 cm long, the most popular scorpion among all species is marbled scorpion having black and white spots in its body also known as (Lychas marmoreus). Scorpion bite is very dangerous and painful, and it can cause death due to its strong allergic reaction. Scorpions prey on small insects, small mice, other scorpions, spiders, and even they love to bite humans.

The types of scorpions majorly found in Australia are mentioned below:

  • Marbled scorpion (1.5-4cm long, usually enters houses)
  • Desert scorpion (11 cm long, aggressive and found in deserts of Australia’s interior)
  • Spider-hunting scorpion (live in Australia’s Inland)
  • Salt-lake scorpion (live in South Australia’s barren salt lakes)

Why scorpions are harmful to humans

  • If scorpion has stung you, you feel excessive pain on the affected area when touched.

Their bite can cause certain death due to the poisonous content in their claws and bite. 

  • You might not focus on anything- blurred vision. Often cause complete black-out.
  • Your tongue will swell, and you will feel drooling.
  • Wash the sting side with soap and water and apply an ice pack immediately, before visiting a doctor.
  • Seizures.

Common Sydney Scorpions issues

  • Scorpions often hide behind furniture in the house and can bite when you try to access to their living premises.
  • In case you find a scorpion, don’t try to catch it as it can react aggressively and bite you.
  • Be careful before entering your washroom because scorpions are found in moist areas, crawling on your floor or hiding in the bathtub.

Sydney Scorpions issues

  • Scorpions can get inside your house through torn windows, door screens, and even vent.
  • Repair any door gaps and keep an eye on weather stripping around the doors, if not repair you welcome a new member in your family- Scorpion.
  • Scorpions travel to bushy areas, if the trees and bushes cover the walls of your home, you are much likely to see many scorpions entering your house.
  • For getting rid of scorpion safely, contact the pest control professional.

What can we do to control scorpions?

  • The Sydney pest control team will make sure that the outdoor area is clean and trash, stones, boards, firewood on the ground are removed and search for the hidden scorpions.
  • To remove dust, Insecticides dust will be used to remove dust particles from attic area, if it would be the primary source of the entrance of scorpions.
  • The residual insecticides and encapsulated products are applied as a 3 to 10-foot band around the perimeter of the structure, into potential entry points, such as baseboards, doors, windows and inside the closet.