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Wasps are flying insects known as ‘Hornets’ in Australia. They are of yellow, black, blue, and metallic green colours with a narrow abdominal waist and two large wings. They belong to a diversified family of Vespidae with almost 5000 species worldwide.

Wasps are divided into two categories, social and solitary. The social wasps are winged insects creatures similar to the ants and honey bees. They live in collective colonies and build nests with wood pulp. The community system consists of the queen, drone, and workers. The community wasps are famous for their deadly stings and popularly known as hornets, yellow jackets, and paper wasps.

The solitary wasps are non-stinging insects that do not live together in communities. They consist of female and male wasps. The female creates a nest and provides for the families. The mud dauber wasp, spider wasp, and flower wasp are famous solitary wasps in Australia. The wasps are commonly found in shrubs, bushes, hedges, tree limbs, hollow trees, walls, and hanging nests on trees.

Varieties of Wasps in Australia

There are 12,000 types of wasps can be found in Australia. Some of the popular wasp species are as follows:

  • Fig Wasp
  • Cuckoo Wasps
  • European Wasp
  • Mud-Dauber Wasp
  • Spider Wasps
  • Potter Wasps
  • Flower Wasps
  • Hatch Wasps
  • Sand Wasps
  • Paper Wasps

The Importance Of Wasp Control Sydney

  • Most patients experience severe health issues after stung by a deadly wasp.
  • The health hazard symptoms are itching, swelling, swollen eyes, wheezing, tightness in chest, and difficulty in breathing.
  • Other indications are dizziness, swelling of the tongue, low blood pressure, shock condition, unconsciousness, and cardiac attack.

Effective Methods For Wasp Control In Sydney

  • Wear protective clothing such as full sleeves shirts, hat, hand gloves, closed shoes, and eyeglasses.
  • Remove all food and drinks from the place.
  • Keep the area clean and tidy
  • Avoid wearing perfumes and bright coloured clothing.
  • Examine the wasp activities to make sure of safety before doing spraying on the nests.
  • Cut off all bushes and branches of trees from your surroundings.
  • Ask for professional services to spray on wasps nests at night with aerosols and insecticides products for better and effective results.

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