Bird Control Sydney

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Our Methods For Bird Control Sydney

Bird proofing

Bird Proofing is a process which involves various methods to eliminate or prevent pest birds from landing, nesting and roosting in your domestic premises. Bird proofing or control is essential because it can prevent from health-related problems such as histoplasmosis, psittacosis and cryptococcosis. Birds also frequently steal food from crops and fruit orchards. Bird’s droppings may cause damage to equipment and infrastructure.

Types of problem birds that cause problems and considered to be feral, are listed below:

  • Feral Pigeon (mostly live under man-made structures like building and bridges).
  • Common Starling (lives nearby parks and cities).
  • House sparrow (nests in roof voids, tree hollow or thick bushes).
  • Seagull (live around oceans).
  • Myna (nests in the walls of buildings).
  • Welcome Swallow (built its nest on rock wall).

Are birds causing havoc and damage to your property? Quality Pest Management & Solutions offers specialized bird control pest control services to effectively manage and deter bird infestations. With our expertise in pest management and dedication to quality service, we’re committed to protecting your property from the nuisance and damage caused by birds.

Why Bird Control Pest Control is Essential

Birds such as pigeons, sparrows, and seagulls can create significant problems for property owners. Their nesting habits, droppings, and roosting behaviors can lead to property damage, health hazards, and sanitation issues. Effective bird control pest control measures are essential to safeguarding your property and preserving its integrity.

Comprehensive Bird Inspections

Our team of trained technicians conducts thorough inspections of your property to assess the extent of the bird infestation and identify areas of concern. We evaluate roosting sites, nesting areas, and entry points to develop a customized bird control pest control plan tailored to your property’s specific needs.

Tailored Bird Control Solutions

Using a combination of humane deterrents, exclusion methods, and habitat modifications, we implement tailored bird control solutions to effectively manage bird populations and prevent them from roosting and nesting on your property. From bird spikes and netting to sound deterrents and visual repellents, we have the expertise and resources to address any bird control challenge.

Pest Control Sydney, Insect Removal, Termite Eradication, Bird control

Bird nest removal

In your garden, you might have bird’s nest hidden in trees. But, it may cause you problems such as droppings and unhygienic environment which may influence health. Bird’s faeces can void buildings, hand railing, walkways, and other highly visible areas. Birds are hosts to bird’s mites and bird lice, which become a nuisance for people and the environment. Before removal of bird’s nest, the legal laws and regulation should be kept into consideration. If any chicks or eggs do not inhabit nests, then the removal of the nest is accepted. But, all nests of a golden eagle, bald eagles and threatened species of birds are protected federally and cannot be removed when the nests appear to be inactive.

Long sleeve shirt and bottoms are required to wear for the removal of bird’s nest, as it provides safety against mites and ticks to avoid touching bird faeces. A respiratory mask is also compulsory to protect against spores and bacteria. After scrutinising the nest, it is placed in a container or exterior trash bag. The area is then cleaned with the disinfectant; it is mandatory for the removal of faecal matter and associated health risks. After removing the bird’s nest safely, we make sure that all the open holes, vent and broken dryer is repaired. For further safety, a statue of cat or owl is installed to dissuade future building, or other types of repellent birds.

Our team is trained and fully equipped with all required items like ladder, safety suits, pesticides (sprayed after removal of the nest), cutting tools, and emergency kit.

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