Termite Baiting

Termite Baiting

Termites are wood consuming insects that live together in colonies. Using a termite bait is a slow poisoning technique that is beneficial for eliminating their community system. Though, the bait food can also be prepared to attract and kill termite as soon as they eat it. But, it would be of no use as rest of the termites will be safe in their nests and within no time they will breed to multiply.

Termites share both food and excretion to help maintain a proper supply of cellulose-digesting bacteria that is present in all colonial associates. They eat each other’s food and faeces. All termites make sure that every member can digest wood easily. The feeding of wood gives them the strength that makes them capable of surviving as a whole unit and breeding their future generations. The slow poisoning bait is the best solution of sharing poison to all the community nest members and permanently getting rid of the entire colony of termites.

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At Quality Pest Management & Solutions, we apply the sentricon termite baiting system to ensure most effective and efficient results to our clients. However, hundreds of different termite species can be found in Australia, with over dozens of pests categories. It seems difficult for someone to buy and apply the Sentricon termite bait to kill a swarm of termites in a house. It requires practical knowledge and expertise to identify the types and species of termites. It is also needed to understand the behaviour of hunting termites that involves purchasing the right product and placing baits for the best possible effect.

Sentricon Termite Baits is a beneficial process of cleaning away the termites by sharing the fatal bait food to all the members of the nest. It kills all the termites through the food sharing process. Feeding a toxic food to a single unit of termite can have a deadly effect on their home nest, and can help in getting rid of the entire group of termites.

Our termite control specialist team is capable of termite proofing the specific areas where these termites look for food. The slow poison baits are used to entice the termites that are consisting of tempting cellulose fibre. The Sentricon termite baiting system products are clean and bother less as compared to other termite control methods. It doesn’t require drills to hole in floors, as it contains its feeding station that helps in fixing the termite issue entirely.

The termite baiting process takes some time to show its results and successfully kills the termites to prevent further growth. It may take weeks to months for termites in shedding their skins. The baiting chemical affects the exoskeleton skin layer of insects and keeps it safe for use around humans and pets.


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