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Flies can ruin your summer and spring season with their continuous buzzing. They are annoying pests and are found commonly in every home or office. They live in warmer areas, making Sydney`s weather ideal for them. Their infestation and the spreading process is quick and sometimes very difficult to control. Commonly people consider all flies as house fly and don`t pay attention to it until they start showing their harmful sides.

Experts help and appropriate use of pest control are mandatory to keep the home and office environment healthy for its habitats.

Varieties of flies

There are several varieties of flies which are commonly found in Australia. The most popular ones are the house flies. You can find them in every house or office. Open food disposals, dustbins and kitchens are the places where they usually get food.

Horse flies are mostly found near livestock and are more dangerous than common house flies. Ways in which Horse files feed themselves, are with ordinary food, pet food, food waste and even faeces.

Cluster flies gather in huge numbers in intact attics and crevices. Their attack is dangerous, and their breeding process is also speedy.

Fruit flies feed on fresh and rotten both types of fruits. Rotten fruit and filthy drains invite them to breed quickly.

Why Flies Are Hazardous for Humans?

Flies are considered as a symbol of untidiness and disturbance for humans and some carry diseases.

Health risks

  • Flies contaminate food and pollute water within few minutes. In case of intake of such food products, a person can quickly suffer from food poisoning, vomiting and other stomach issues. A regular intake of contaminated food can cause major digestion issues and can also lead to chronicle pain.
  • Their unsanitary nature is the biggest issue for humans. A fly can carry millions of germs and can easily transport them from most dirty places like toilets to your food or bed.
  • Bites of house fly can give you tiny red spots which may itch or cause irritation. Horsefly bite is more dangerous as it causes severe itching and inflammation. Some fly types can also cause severe allergic reactions as their saliva has a kind of minor poison which is harmful to human skin.

Other Issues

  • Flies can make your home, office or restaurant look untidy and nasty. Their presence causes negative vibes and can be a reason for restlessness for some people.
  • These insects bring a series of diseases by transmitting bacteria from place to place without being noticed.
  • Your restaurant, café or hotel might face charges for not fulfilling cleanliness measures.
  • The loud bussing sound can disturb you while working or sleeping.

Need expert help with flies?

  • It is necessary to control their infestation as soon as possible to minimise health risks and to keep your living spaces clean. Our company deliver effective services to help you out in controlling the breeding process of flies up to 100%.
  • We help our clients to protect their homes and living spaces from flies by sealing the entry holes.
  • Our next step is to install sheet, net or screen on windows and doors.
  • We spray effective pest control to kill existing flies and to resist them from breeding inside your property.
  • Keeping your health as a major concern, we always use environment-friendly and health safe chemicals for flies.

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