FMC Eflex

FMC offers The Eflex system which a straightforward, effective pairing that first deals with any termites that are present in a building, then seals that building against further incursions. Firstly, the building is inspected for any possible presence of termites. Although it is extremely difficult to spot these creatures, with the right training, our professionals can spot them with the naked eye even. If there is an infestation of termites, then proper measures will be taken to remove it and then seal all possible entries. This includes giving poisoned food to termites present there, which transfers to others as they feed on their corpses.

The termites will die in the nest and the others, in accordance with their instincts, will then eat their corpses, and thus also pick up the Excel poisons. The baits will be used for several months to ensure comprehensive, maximum management of the termite problem, and FMC’s Biflex barrier will then be installed for your building’s additional safety. The Biflex barrier will keep new termites from intruding on your property and devouring it, creating protection that will last for half a decade north of the Tropic of Capricorn, and a full decade to the south of it.

Quality management ensures that this system is installed in such a way that it performs both of its duties effectively, while complying with the quality standards and government laws. As a FMC Eflex Accredited Operator, Quality Management offers FMC’s 1 million dollar warranty. The warranty is valid for 10 years.*

Using our services with FMC’s Eflex products will ensure that they are applied properly, in full compliance with the company’s standards – and that they will therefore come fully under the warranty. The warranty is only valid if the Eflex and Biflex products were used in a professional, thorough fashion, and we can provide you with the assurance that your million dollar, ten year warranty is fully active and registered.

We will fill out and turn in the Certificate of Treatment that will guarantee the system’s effectiveness against termite action for the next decade – and give you peace of mind about your home, commercial property, or other wooden building.


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