Pre Construction Protection

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Throughout centuries, termites have proven to be a tremendous problem for Australian building industry as well as the residents. These small, hardly even noticeable creatures cause millions of dollars’ worth of damages every year and continue to threaten all wooden constructions. To ensure that your property does not fall prey to termites, Quality Pest Management offers a range of services and high quality products that protect your property both before and after construction.

Our team consists of professionals who are fully trained to use and install these insect-repelling technologies. We are dedicated to providing you the best service and therefore our aim is to ensure that these products prove to be effective in the long run, while meeting the government regulations. The products used by our company are among the most thorough, effective and long-lasting ones to ensure the complete blockage of any entry available to termites on a new construction site.

These products include HomeGuard Sheet, which is a complete under-slab termite barrier that denies these social cockroach-relatives access to your home. Most termite species invade a house from some distance away, approaching the tempting wood that they wish to consume through tunnels under the soil, or shelter tubes running along the surface. HomeGuard Sheet will prevent unseen intrusions by these persistent pests, blocking them completely and meeting government (and home owners’) standards for keeping a new building intact for decades.

In order to be effective, HomeGuard Sheet needs to be properly installed. Once this is done, the sheet becomes a powerful tool for combating the wood-seeking aggression of nearby termite nests. Our team consists of experts who are well-trained and know their job well. They make sure that every product provides you maximum utility. Our team begins with a site inspection which will track down any existing nests of termites and manage them, as is necessary for proper functioning of HomeGuard products.

We will make certain that the HomeGuard Sheet lies flush against the concrete slab, that pipes are properly collared to keep termites from slipping in next to them, and that the whole system is set up to provide maximum defence, keeping the new building pristine for many years to come. In accordance with HomeGuard specifications, we can handle the special installation measures needed in garage areas, with suspended floors, at the junction between walls and adjacent paths, and so on.

Once FMC HomeGuard is in place on the new building site, you can proceed with the construction confidently and peacefully. We also provide follow-ups needed to keep the system functioning properly for the warranted period of 25 years, ensuring your protection against the termite attack in the present, and the long-run future as well.

All of our installations of this system are in accordance with Australian government standards, and we will, of course, provide the documentation needed to demonstrate compliance with the building codes.

We offer a warranty for all our services and products used, ensuring their durability and your value for money. This is basically the warranty offered by FMC. When you have a full HomeGuard installation built into your wooden structure’s site, you also gain warranted coverage of $1 million against termite damage – for the next 25 years. HomeGuard will keep your timbers safe from insects for nearly a generation – guaranteed!


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