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Possum find their way into the houses through openings, gaps and also through dislodged or deteriorated material. If your home/office is affected by possum or possums, contact us for possum removal in Sydney as we are the No. 1 ranked possum removal service.

To ensure your home is possum free we are rated as the one of the best in possum removal service. If your home or any property is affected by possums, do not hesitate to contact if you require any assistance for possum removal in Sydney.

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A possum looks like a rodent or a small cat with a furry or plain tail. They create a very disturbing sound which is a nightmare for many humans in Australia. Possums have adopted the lifestyle which enables them to urban or nomad areas.

They have a territorial nature, and it’s really problematic to catch. They run very quickly to their holes or places where human accessibility is difficult. They breed on food, clothes, plants, fruits or waste products and multiply very quickly within a few months.

Varieties of Possums in Australia

There are almost 70 native species of possums found in Australia which can easily survive in urban or suburb environments.

An adult Brush tail possum is similar to the size of a small cat. They have a long and furry tail which looks like a dirty brush, large pointed ears and a prominent nose. Their body is covered with grey or silver coloured hairs.

Common Ringtail possums live outside the home but can frequently enter your property in search of food to find a suitable place to mate. They usually live in family groups and make their nests in hollowed tree limbs. A spherically shaped limb which is lined with bark and grass is the ideal home for ringtail possum. They eat leaves, shoots, flowers, nectars. In addition these creatures have a flexible tail with a shiny white tip.

Why Are Possums not favourable?

There are several health issues caused by possums, and they badly disturb the living spaces causing serious problems for its inhabitants.

Health Concerns

Possums can bring bacteria and diseases to your homes as they travel through dirty places like waste bins, along with sewerage lines, chimneys etc.

They produce an annoying sound to communicate which can cause sleep deprivation and constant interruption during work or sleep.

Other problems are that they can steal food and can also contaminate the food products with their saliva or urine.

Other Issues

In their mating season, they actively run in search for food. Their movement causes noise which can become a cause of constant unrest or psychological disturbance.

They are fast and have an active instinct of hearing and smelling which alerts them quickly about the danger. Hence becoming difficult in regards to catching them without proper knowledge and equipment.

How can we control possums?

Our experts will identify their living spaces and fill them with a suitable material to permanently stop them from entering and causing further damage.

Seal exposed entry points to ensure that no possum can enter your home.

Catch and release possums with traps to ensure your home is Possum free.

Sanitise and remove debris from the area.

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