Bird Mites

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Bird Mites

Bird mites live in the habitats of warmer regions and where birds can be found easily. Moist and humid conditions are ideal for their living and infestation. They are small semi-transparent species which might also appear blackish or reddish in colour after digesting the blood sucked from birds, animals or human bodies. They are so small in size that they are rarely noticed by humans until they are in large groups. Their sizes vary from 0.3mm to 1mm and are oval in shape. They have eight legs with a meagre covering of small hairs around their body.

In Australia, they actively attack during early summer, spring seasons and when weather is slightly humid. They are commonly found in areas where poultry animals and birds are present. They can be found under bird feathers, nests and living spaces. There are high chances of having bird mites where pigeons, starlings, finches, sparrows, hen, and other poultry animals live.

They are not limited to birds only but move to human`s living spaces in houses and commute in search of blood until they find a host to feed on. They can disturb humans and their pets.


Varieties of Bird Mites

There are many species of bird mites, but the few common species which affect humans in Australia are the starling mite, northern fowl mite, chicken mite. They all are dangerous and go unnoticed until they bite humans and cause severe health issues.

Why are bedbugs hazardous?

Health problems

  • They always need a host to feed them, so they attach to your body causing you several problems including infection.
  • They can cause severe irritation, red marks, and skin problems.
  • Their bite causes itching body ache, mental disturbance and fever.
  • When they are on the human skin, their saliva causes irritation and swelling.

Other Problems

  • Your pets can become weakened by the attack of parasite and in case not treated on time they can quickly infest into large numbers which can be fatal for pets.
  • Once they are engaged with a host, they continuously feed themselves with blood and reproduces very fast.

What can we do to control bird mites?

  • Remove nests and bird remains to make stop spreading bird mites.
  • Apply suitable chemicals to kill bird mites.
  • In case of clear signs of bird mites, remove them securely.

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