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Bed bugs are the most serious issue of homes and offices in Sydney and Australia. The insect got this name because of its habit of resting in folds or layers of mattresses. But the more serious point is they are not only found in beds, but other furniture pieces in homes and offices also have a vast number of bed bugs.

Almost 45% of residential spaces and 78% of commercial spaces have bed bugs. They live on human blood, and one bug usually bites three times to a person for its one night meal. In short, the risk level is very high, and you might spend ten to fifteen restless nights consecutively. It’s really tough to treat bed bugs as they can live for years with food and multiply fast.

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The Importance Of Bed Bug Control Sydney

Two species fall in the category of bed bugs Cimex lectularius and Cimex hemipterus. The common bed bugs are Cimex lectularius, and their size varies from 1mm to 7 mm. Bedbugs can crawl from place to place and are carried by humans and their personal items. These insects live in mattresses, furniture`s foam, wall cracks, the gap between tiles, backsides of articles kept for long in a place, etc.

Cimex hemipterus is not much familiar, but still, you can find them in homes, hotels, restaurants, offices, bars, and pubs where people from different areas frequently visits. They are big in size and more harmful. Their bite leaves a bristle on your skin which takes longer to get rid of.

To Prevent Health Issues

  • Bed bugs can result in numerous skin problems including rashes, black marks, skin flaking, and severe itching.
  • As they feed on human blood so, they suck it through biting through the human skin with a tentacle-like part which is infectious and can cause 1 to 2mm radius sized bristles.
  • The itchiness and sensational restlessness can also cause a fever or a frequent headache.
  • They psychological disturbs human mind and force to scratch the body even when none of the insects had bitten the skin. The problem can get sever, and you might face prolonged anxiety or depression.
  • Among three out of ten sleep deprivation complaints are linked with bed bugs.

Other Problems

Their breeding process is speedy and sometimes complicated to control. Only one pregnant female in your home or office can be a cause of over 300 adults and 1000 new eggs just in three months, therefore it is essential to have a professional come and inspect the issue.

In addition, bed bugs can transmit very easily so you a place with bed bugs is dangerous for its habitats and visitor both.

The mortgage value of furnished apartments decreases if people who live nearby complaints about bed bugs problem.

Our Effective Methods For Bed Bug Control In Sydney

Our team thoroughly vacuums the infected area and articles including the mattress.

  • Place the contents of the vacuum cleaner bag in a sealed plastic bag for safe disposal and to stop further growth of bedbugs.
  • Use specialised ways to treat mattresses and foam based furniture articles.
  • Reduce the number of hiding spots available to bed bugs by eliminating cracks and gaps.
  • Some specialised treatments are purely symptomatic and may include heating up the room to 50 °C (122 °F) for about 90 minutes or more.
  • Application of suitable pesticide to minimise the chances of growth of bedbugs again.

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