Sentricon In-Ground Station

Sentricon Always Active IG Stations

What are Sentricon Always Active Bait Stations?

Sentricon Always Active – In-ground and Above Stations are Termite monitoring systems that far surpass other competitors in the industry when it comes to quality, efficiency and protection.

Termite damage in Australia costs home owners a whopping excess of $100million per year with around 32% of homes being targets for termite activity and destruction of structural timbers and infrastructure.

Sentricon Always Active removes the stress and headaches associated with installation – there is no having to worry about the wrong mixing rates or dilution rates as these units have pre-made rods which are easily inserted into the canister.

Sentricon Always Active are In-Ground stations pre-loaded with hexaflurmuron rods ready for installation around a structure. They may be used in construction and/or postconstruction, at active or preventative sites.


How long does it take to work?

The Sentricon starts to work as soon as they are installed around the property. Termites are inclined to feed on the baits and the termite workers do the work of feeding the colony including the Queen which eventually eradicates the nest entirely. Unlike liquid termiticides, a food-based transferring approach works time and time again.

How often should the stations be checked or maintained?

Most commonly, a service inspection is required around once a year, though some houses depending on their current situation, surrounding factors and environment may require an inspection more than once a year. An inspection is hassle free, no one needs to be home and takes less than half an hour. Each station can be easily opened up for viewing and inspecting without damaging/disturbing the units and any feeding termites which may be harboring inside.


What will happen to pets if they come in contact with the bait stations?

The quantity of active ingredient in each bait station is so small that a dog would need to ingest approximately 200 of the bait station inserts — which is simply impossible — before becoming sick.

How it Works and the Brain Chemical Behind the Operation:

The most important attribute of hexaflumuron, the active ingredient in Sentricon, is that it eliminates the termite colony. This means that the source of the problem, or the threat to a structure, is conclusively gone. Hexaflumuron is a chitin synthesis inhibitor which prevents termites from moulting. If a termite is unable to moult when nature intends, the termite dies. 

When worker termites feed on Sentricon they pass the active ingredient to other members of their colony through a behaviour called trophallaxis. Trophallaxis is the transfer of chemical messages and nutrients between termites. It also serves as the pathway by which hexaflumuron is shared throughout the worker termite community. 

Colony elimination results when the entire worker population has attempted to moult after being exposed to hexaflumuron and dies. Loss of workers in the colony means that the rest of the colony starves, as it is the workers’ responsibility to feed the colony. Other termite products may repel termites or kill individuals, but they do not address the problem. Colony elimination is essential in ensuring that the termites are gone and will not return.


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