Protect Your Home with HomeGuard

FMC HomeGuard Blue

FMC HomeGuard Blue is a high-end, low cost, effective Bifenthrin impregnated chemical sheeting used in preconstruction and post construction renovations as a Termite Physical Barrier. HomeGuard Blue is a patented single layer polymer extruded sheeting which is Durable and Reliable with a 40 year life – This sheeting is accepted by current Australian Standards AS 3660.3 – Termite Management.

Most HomeGuard products are designed with rigorous testing to ensure they stand the test of time with most construction sites and builds whilst being non-invasive, non-leaching and environmentally friendly.

HomeGuard Blue is a professional termite management system for new structures and extensions to existing structures. The purpose of HomeGuard Blue is to deter concealed entry by subterranean termites from the soil into a structure above the termite barrier as per AS3660.1. HomeGuard Blue is not designed as a remedial treatment for existing termite damage.

HomeGuard Blue contains an active ingredient that is dispersed fully throughout the plastic sheeting. This means that there is no top or bottom to the sheet – it may be installed equally effectively no matter which side is up.

Main Areas of Use:

HomeGuard Blue is to be used for perimeter applications in combination with a concrete slab acting as physical termite barrier, and/or in combination with other termite management systems as per AS3660.1.When used in combination with a concrete slab acting as a physical barrier, the slab must be poured in accordance with AS2870.1 Residential slabs and footings recommendations.

Once the footings/slab has been poured, we can then install the Home Guard Blue sheeting around the perimeter (this is hidden from sight once the remainder of the build is completed) of the concrete slab, prior to the brick course or timber framing being built (applied underneath these areas) – This acts as a physical sheeting preventative measure for Termites which is 100% Australian Standard Certified.

How Home Guard Blue is Installed:

How Home Guard Blue Works?

Being manufactured in Australia, the HomeGuard physical sheeting system consists of a polymer-based product that contains the active chemical – Biflex.

The effectiveness of Biflex (Also created by FMC) has been proven, tested and used in the protection of 1+ million households in Australia. Obtained from the pyrethrum daisy, Biflex is a synthetic pyrethroid sourced from nature to protect your home against Termites and Pests in a safe and effective manor.

While this chemical is proven to be highly effective against insects and termites, in particular, it is also deemed safe to be used in and around the home as there are minimal to none ill-effects on the vegetation or health implications.

At Quality Pest Management & Solutions – We understand the importance of protecting an asset from termites, which is why we only use the best quality sheetings and chemicals available on the market. All our treatments are supplied in accordance with current Australian Standards, they come complete with photo evidence for reference which can be supplied to builders/certifiers in order to obtain your Occupation Certificate (OC), along with a Durable Notice and Full Electronic Invoice / Certificate. A smooth transition from start to finish is guaranteed – we always provide 5 star rated pest control services at affordable prices – To make a booking or enquiry, simply give Quality Pest Management & Solutions a call today on 1300 146 292 or email us: