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Snakes in Australia

Snakes are one of the most dangerous creatures. Over 170 species of land snakes can be found in Australia alone. Some snakes are equipped with venom more toxic than any other creature. If you happen to come across a snake slithering around in your backyard it is important not to panic as snakes can react when people become act sporadic. The most common snake found in Australian household is Eastern brown snake and the Red Belly. These snakes are fast-moving, and majorly known for their bad tempers, they are responsible for several deaths every year in Australia more than any other groups of snakes.

Below are the types of snakes commonly found in Australia: 

  • Western brown snake
  • Inland taipan
  • Mulga snake
  • Mainland tiger snake
  • Small-eyed snake
  • Lowlands copperhead

Why snakes are dangerous

Snake bites can be dangerous, harmful and sometimes fatal as the venom from some species can result in sudden collapse, blood clots and nervous system shut downs. Never try to approach a snake or attempt to dispatch a snake, the risk is not worth losing yours or someone else’s life. In cases of emergency, call 000, your local pest controller, vet or council for assistance.

The venom of snakes causes progressive paralysis and stops blood from clotting.

Victims also experience headache, abdominal pain, severe coagulopathy (blood clotting) and sometimes kidney damage.

Common household issues

Snakes will not cause any major damage to your house hold infrastructure, but it can live underneath your washing machine, baskets, under rubble, trash or in the vegetation of your property which can cause hindrance for you. In addition, they can be hiding underneath common household objects trying to escape the sun which can be a big surprise for an unexpected scare. 

What can we do to control snakes?

  • If you are bitten by a snake, act calm and distance yourself as best as possible. In this situation, call an ambulance immediately (000).
  • Don’t cut the wound or put any, ice, lotion or gel over it as it will get worse.
  • In case you find a snake, call your local expert. removing the snake from the premises will avoid any dangerous contact for both the surrounding environment and people.

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