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Snakes in Australia

Snakes are one of the most dangerous creatures. Over 170 species of land snakes can be found in Australia alone. Some snakes are equipped with venom more toxic than any other creature. If you found a snake slithering around in your backyard, don’t panic because snakes react when people panic and try to escape. The most common snake found in Australian household is Eastern brown snake. These snakes are fast-moving, and majorly known for their bad tempers, they are responsible for several deaths every year in Australia than any other groups of snakes. Don’t try to trick the snake as it will strike very steadily. Instead call pesticide agent for quick help. Don’t forget that we are available 24×7 to rescue people from any dangerous snake incidents.

Below are the types of snakes commonly found in Australia: 

  • Western brown snake
  • Inland taipan
  • Mulga snake
  • Mainland tiger snake
  • Small-eyed snake
  • Lowlands copperhead

Why snakes can give you nightmares

Snake bites can be dangerous and extremely harmful as they can result in sudden collapse. Never try killing a snake because it’s not worth losing yours or someone else’s life. In case, call pest control immediately to overcome and survive from snakes.

The venom of snakes causes progressive paralysis and stops the blood from clotting.

Victims also experience headache, abdominal pain, headache, severe coagulopathy (blood clotting) and sometimes kidney damage.

Common household issues

Snakes will not cause any major damage to your house hold infrastructure, but it can live inside your washing machine, or any basket, which can cause hindrance for you. Your guests will avoid visiting your house in case they witness any snake.

Other problems

Snakes are commonly found in the warm areas in Australia, you can see a snake in home either it be a python or Mulga snake. Snakes usually are aggressive during the hot weather days.

What can we do to control snakes?

  • If you are bitten by a snake, don’t try to shout or move steadily as this will cause snake to react more. Instead call an ambulance immediately.
  • Don’t cut the wound or put any, ice, lotion or gel over it as it will get worse.
  • We can seal the wholes inside your house where we feel that snakes can enter.
  • In case you find a snake, call our team quickly. We use chemical snake repellents to get rid of them. The method used is safe for the environment and people.
  • Glue board trap is placed to catch snakes, it is safe and it prevents any snakes entering your house.
  • We have devices to sense the presence of snake and act according to the signals to catch and trap snakes without letting them harm any human.