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Bees are known as the best tool for gardeners and farmers as they help in pollination. Around Australia, bees are recognised as a livestock insect and are not treated with heavy pesticides or chemicals.

There are almost 15,00 species of bees which are native breeds, so they are found in great numbers, but bees are not as humble with humans in all situations.

Sometimes they get aggressive and can sting humans to defend themselves. Bee attacks can be fatal and might cause serious issues. Their sting is painful, causing blisters, and can become a reason to trigger allergies.

Various bees have a nature of protecting their hives by attacking in groups. When hives are located in garden, roof, balcony, backyard or false ceiling area, they bring the alarming danger of bee attack when someone intentionally or unintentionally goes to particular locations. Also cleaning of home or gardens becomes a bit challenging.

Sometimes it’s necessary to get rid of the beehive and overpopulation of bees in your garden area to avoid health risks. In such circumstances, Quality Pest Management and Solutions has smart and practical solutions.

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Varieties of Bees in Australia

There are several native varieties of bees found in Australia, but below-mentioned types can be seen commonly all around the country.

  • Stingless Bees
  • Yellow Carpenter Bees
  • Black Carpenter Bees
  • Honey Bees
  • Green Carpenter Bees
  • Reed Bees
  • Bumblebees
  • Blue Banded Bees
  • Teddy Bear Bees
  • Leafcutter Bees
  • Killer Bees
  • Resin Bees
  • Homalictus Bees
  • Masked Bees

The Necessity Of Bee Control Sydney

They are a source of diseases and inconvenience for humans in most cases.

Health issues

Bee stings can cause high fever, body pain, welts and in severe cases can lead to nausea. The problem can extend to a level where the patient needs antibiotics and heavy painkillers.

Unfortunately some humans are allergic to stings, in such case, attack from a single bee can be fatal and play a significant role in activating allergies. Red marks, burns and bruise during healing time are very common.

Additionally bees are highly aggressive and attack even they are not disturbed by humans or animals. Their attacks are severe and sometimes it’s hard to control them.

Africanised honey bees are also called “killer bees” because of their belligerent nature. They give chase to attack the victim and sting multiple times. Their attack can be life-threatening especially when they are disturbed.

Possible inconveniences from bees

Carpenter bees have a maddening habit of burrowing and fragging, so they grope unprotected wood structures and cause damage to your property or furniture

Large carpenter bees lay eggs in areas like unfinished or unpainted sites of property such as porch, balcony, windows, fences, doors or deck.

Asian honey bee robs the hives of innate bees and destroying their honey reserves which are highly unsuitable for people who wish to have bees in their gardens for pollination or honey.

Areas where bees are found in large numbers or where their hive is located are basically a hub of germs and bacteria. Their presence also causes bad odour especially when space is an enclosed area like a garage, false ceiling or basement.

How We Do Bee Control In Sydney

Our first step is to seal the spaces from where bees can enter your home or property premises. We fill up the holes and install screens or nets.

At Quality Pest Management & Solutions, our expert team will check all around your property for swarms or hives. In case of their presence, we remove them quickly to minimise the danger.

You can also call us to remove or relocate beehives or to identify the type of bees found in your yards and gardens.

We are fully equipped to deal with bees and have adopted modern techniques to control them without disturbing the natural environment.

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