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Fleas in Australia

Fleas are small wingless parasitic insects commonly known as ‘Sand Fleas’ in Australia. They are dark reddish brown with an oval-shaped slender body structure. They can easily take a faster and longer leap with their six legs and can sense touch, smell, heat, humidity, and vibrations with their two antennae. Interestingly with antennas, male fleas can also locate their female partners for a hormonal reproduction.

Mostly, fleas are warm-blooded animals, and they live on a feed of sucking the blood of humans, cats, dogs, rats, mice, rabbit, squirrel, and domesticated animals. In houses, they reside in shoes, blankets, carpets, rugs, wooden floorboards, tiles, furniture, upholstery, and pet bedding. Fleas look similar to bedbugs, lice, and ticks.

Varieties of Fleas in Australia

More than 2,000 species of fleas are there in the world. But, the core varieties of fleas in Australia are:

  • Cat Fleas
  • Dog Fleas

Health Problems with Fleas

  • Can cause anaemia and chronicle diseases.
  • Become a reason activation of skin allergies which might reach to a level where constant antibiotic medicines are required to control the infections.
  • May cause Bartonella Infection.
  • Common symptoms of flea bites are sudden fever, diarrhoea, joint pain and prolonged feeling of weakness
  • Diseases caused by flea bites are: Bubonic Plague, Murine Typhus, Tungiasis, Tularemia

Fleas Prevention for animals and Homes

  • A flea combing for scrubbing and washing your animals.
  • Take your animals to the veterinary and follow prescriptions of flea control medicines.
  • Topical treatments on your pets such as shampoos, sprays, and powders.
  • Thoroughly clean your animal bedding and surrounding areas.
  • Vacuum your mats, rugs, and carpets and then throw away the cleaning bag.
  • Flea spray in your house and must take care to wear long sleeves clothing and gloves for safety and hygiene.
  • Clean all the indoor and outdoor areas surrounding your home, where your pet moves around.
  • Ask your nearby pest controller to spray pesticides in your home for once or twice a week.

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