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Silverfish in Australia

Silverfish are wriggling insects that show zigzag movements like snakes and fishes. They are night time wingless creatures that have a dark grey slender body structure with silver patch lines. These small insects have six legs, an elongated tail, and two antennas. They can move faster and are difficult to spot on.

They are found in your different household areas such as bathrooms, bathtubs, basins, basements, bookshelves, windows, cardboard boxes, attics, and door frames. They reside in the dark areas and can live for eight years on the feed of carbohydrates and starches such as paper, carpet, glue, clothing, cotton, coffee, sugar, silk, linen, synthetic fibre, and leather.


Silverfish can be mainly found in six species in Australia. These are domestic types of starfish in Australia that are popular for its creepy creatures which are scientifically known as

  • Lepisma
  • Saccharina
  • Lepismodes Inquilinis
  • Acrotesla Collaris
  • Ctenolapisma
  • Lineata
  • Longicaudata.


Although, there are no such health issues with silverfish, as they do not cause much harm to humans and animals. But, they cause severe damage to your food items, books, wallpaper, clothing, and insulation.


  • Fix dripping pipes, basements, and water condensation.
  • Use a dehumidifier to dry moisturisation of a room.
  • Keep your house tidy and clean especially kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Check for dripping water from faucets, showers, and drainage pipes to avoid humidity.
  • Seal all food items.
  • Use plastic storage containers for keeping books.
  • Apply boric acid, repellents, and spray other synthetic chemical insecticides in the bathroom, kitchen, and storeroom.