Pre/Post Const. Reticulation Sys.

Pre/Post Const. Reticulation Sys.

Since termites are soft-bodies insects which dry out in a warm climate and easily fall prey to predators such as ants, they prefer to work under the soil. They make their nests in tunnels and galleries which lead to their food i.e. wood. This gives them an edge as they cannot be noticed until they have caused significant damage to your property. In other words, they are vultures that work under the shadow of soil and destruct thousands of dollars’ worth of property.

The best option to keep these pests far away from your property is to use pre-emptive measures which include physical and chemical barriers. These help keep your property safe and undamaged. To keep termites away in the long run, reticulation systems work best.

A reticulation system is a network of pipes buried in the ground around your building, which contain a termite-killing insecticide that is slowly released into the soil over a period of years. Since the chemicals are released beneath the soil, the human occupants of the building have little chance for accidental contact with them, making this a safer technique than periodically applying termiticide to the ground around your foundations.

ALTIS reticulation system is one example. This system has been designed in such a way as to maximise its utility and effectiveness overtime. Unlike traditional reticulation systems, this system has emitters instead of holes to allow chemical to be transported in the soil near your property, protecting it from termites. This also prevents clogging.

There are several ways in which the ALTIS has an edge over other systems, the main one being the precise control over the amount of chemical distributed in a period of time. This means that only the right amount of chemical will be delivered which will keep the termites away without causing any damage to your soil and surroundings. This automatically reduces the frequency of refills, thus saving you both money and time.

Alternatively, we can install the Camilleri Under-slab reticulation system, which is designed to last half a century thanks to its simple, solid design. The longevity of the system is proven by the systems which were installed decades ago and which still function to this day. Each tough, flexible pipe is laid in a specially prepared trench under the slab, and is engineered to withstand the pressure of the concrete from above. A valve box allows injection of fresh insecticide at specified intervals to keep your protection fresh and up to date.

The main difference between the Camilleri system and the ATLIS system is that the Camilleri is a good typical under-slab protection jobs, while the ALTIS, with its sophisticated emitters, is well-suited to unusual soil types such as clay, or particularly termite-prone areas. Our team consisting of many experts can guide you on which system is most suitable for your property, in terms of both excellence and meeting government or building laws. Your comfort is our satisfaction.

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