Termite Inspection Sydney – Prices from $138.00 – An overview to termite treatments

Termite Inspection Services

Termite Inspections – A need to know

Our Termite Inspection team specialises in Termite Inspections, treatments and termite removal with in the Sydney Pest area. As a testament to the quality and outstanding performance of our treatments and our service, we always strive to provide effective pest control solutions to thousands of clients every year with constant results and drive for success!


Step One to Termite Management

Termites and termite swarms have been part of the Sydney environment for millions of years. Termites commonly known as white ants are resilient, persistent and extremely effective in destroying timbers. Termites statistically have been found, on average, one in every third Sydney property.

Sydney conditions are particularly suitable for termites and most houses built in Australia include timber framing or structure. Current Australian standards require homes built to include termite preventatives or barriers, it is recommend that a termite inspection be carried out every 12 months and more often in high risk areas.

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The Termite Inspection Sydney Process

Each Inspection should take between 45 Minutes to 2hrs

When a termite inspection is conducted, all accessible areas of the home or building are accessed, viewed and assessed for termite activity. In each of the areas inspected, the inspector constantly reporting and gaining a knowledge of the current risk factors your property may face. In addition any previous activity and corresponding damage is  being assessing, and from that point, we can understand what methods of control might be needed to be put in place to ensure that no past, present or future termite damage or activity can continue.

An inspection by our Qualified Pest Controller will always be accompanied by an 8 page electronic report which will detail all findings and recommendations + have photo evidence of what has been inspected. It will also contain any recommendations for ongoing management and protection.


Inspect Before Treating!

A full inspection should always be carried out prior to any treatment for termites! This is to allow the technician to locate, understand and know the full extent of the problem before any assumptions or any treatment for termites is undertaken. This will allow the technician to properly ascertain where and if any termites exist before the treatment starts.


Constant Threat to All Homes, Termites are Coming!

As we live in such a high-risk termite area such as Sydney, we have gathered an outstanding amount of experience in termite protection and treatments. This includes our termite inspections, monitoring, baiting, pre-construction barriers and chemical barriers. We provide quick, safe and responsive pest control solutions by locals which are backed by our rating and the assurance that comes from the Quality Pest Management and Solutions name and reputation.


How do I know If I have Termites?

The most common and often first signs of initial Termite problems or infestations in Sydney start with the unsuspecting home-owner finding Bubbling or cracked paint, damaged skirtings or Window and door frames which can be signs of moisture damage or dirt being pulled up or being packed around skirting boards.

In other instances, sagging floors or bubbling floor boards are an indicative sign of termite infestation. This damage can be sometimes minor, however it is often possible that the extent of the problem can be enough to render the structure unfit for occupancy.

In addition, the next possible means of termite infestation may catch the eye of home owners that spend a lot of time outside or have seen packed mud against the internal walls of their subfloor which is usually a sign of mud tunnels. These pencil-sized tubes are found protruding from exterior walls and provide termites with protection and moisture.


Possible Protection/Sydney Termite Treatments

Termite control requires is a variable, strategic and integrated approach depending on what extent of the problem is in or around the property.  There is no “one size fits all” tactics for termite treatments. Quality Pest Management and Solutions will strive to succeed in every way possible and investigate your particular situation and customise a termite treatment to suit your every need.

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