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Treating Termites With Chemicals – Effective Solutions

Termite control and termite treatments are essential and a requirement for pre-construction home builds to be certified and approved by Australian Standards. It is also an imperative tool in relation to preventing and maintaining a termite free home.  Schedule a termite inspection today and let, us, the pest control experts help you stop or prevent costly damage to your property.

If you suspect that termites might be attacking your asset today, it is strongly advised that you take immediate action before it’s too late. Prevent termite damage and save on repair costs today, call now and received a free quote and call out inspection!

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How can you prevent destructive termite infestations?

A termite colony infestation can be quite disastrous since a termite’s diet consists of wood. This means this particular insect can endanger the structure of your house. With most of the houses in Sydney built using wooden foundations, timber beams and structural timber framing as such, regular inspection is strongly advisable with annual follow-ups to maintain a termite free home. An infestation can destroy the structural integrity of a house when left untreated for long periods of time. In addition, early stages of termites being located are more manageable and less costly since you can save on spending thousands of dollars replacing timbers and having to exterminate large colonies of these wood eating insects.

By applying the right termite treatment, trusting in the best scientific based chemicals on the market and with the help of a professional termite exterminators, you can stop termites (also called white ants) from damaging your property.

What are chemical Termiticides?

Chemical Termiticides are an essential part to creating a barrier and directly treating termite nests to successfully repel and exterminate Termites. It is essential that a good quality termiticide is used in a transferring process for treating termite nests as social interactions within a termite colony are a means of transferring good quality chemical to the queen and eventually killing off the whole entire nest. Cheap chemicals and solutions do not provide the adequate methods of saving your home, but instead can spread the problem as the termites can sever sections which have been treated with cheap chemicals, sending termites them into other areas of your home.

Not following the correct process of termite eradication or using the correct chemicals can result in the colony not being destroyed. Hence the ability for a termite queen to lay up to 40,000 eggs per day and live up to 50 years becomes a big scare when inadequately eradicated!



Why should you book Quality Pest Management And Solutions?


Our experts recommend liquid termite treatments as the fastest and most effective way to rid the property of the termites. We only use the best non-generic chemical on the market which is TERMIDOR by BASF (Accredited users, listed on their website). In addition, an assortment of other methods such as termite baiting can be used in our termite treatment process to manage residual termites and provide ongoing protection against future attacks. 

Termite bait systems consist of timber baited canisters which are core drilled and inserted into the ground at the various points around the perimeter of the property. Each one of the canisters contains growth inhibitors and timbers, as your first line of defence in which termites which will eventually consume and lead them to death. This method slower essentially, however it allows for homes which cannot be treated effectively with liquid chemical to be protected regardless. Nevertheless, it is an alternative and very good option for additional termite control.


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