Sydney Spring Pest Control

With spring upon us it’s not only time to worry about hay fever, it is also at this time of the year that pests who have become dormant wake up from their long winter sleep and start making their entrance into your homes. It is during this time that most households start their spring cleaning, this year take your spring cleaning to the next step and protect your home against Sydney spring pests!

The most common pest during spring are:


The biggest concern amongst many of our customers during spring is of course bees. During this time bees tend to be a lot more active as it is their natural instinct to pollinate flowers, collect nectar and make honey for us all to enjoy. However, I must mention that although bees play an important part of our ecosystem, at times they can cause nasty stings and in some cases life-threatening allergy reactions.

Sydney’s best offer 2 methods of removal, chemical and chemical free removal. We have added chemical free removal of bees simply because bees do play such an important role in our universe. However, due to certain circumstances, not all swarms can be removed chemically free, in which chemicals will be used to exterminate the hive & bees.


Another pest problem in spring is the return of cockroaches, Now let’s be honest, no one likes to see cockroaches outside their home or even more so inside. They carry disease and we know they come through drains, rubbish areas & sewers before they land up in our kitchens, walking over our plates, food & utensils.

Imagine gathering friends and family to enjoy a beautiful spring day and your guests sight a cockroach, firstly they will automatically presume that you don’t clean, that your home is dirty and they may just as easily be turned off eating or drinking anything! You will be horrified, ashamed and embarrassed.

Now, don’t get upset or defensive with what I am saying, because we all know that people these days like to see the bad side before the good!

Get your house sprayed, and save yourself!


Many Aussies will know that you can’t have a picnic without ants; it’s just not Australian right? Unlike cockroaches, anyone living in Australia expects an army of ants to make their way to the picnic blanket on a warm spring day. However, do we really want ants in our home, walking over our benches, making their way into the honey, the sugar, into anything they can take back to the nest?

Before you make your decision let me tell you something, did you know that ants travel through unsanitary areas before they end up in your home?

This spring you really should take steps to keep them away!


Another 2 Aussie icons, the fly & the mosquito, which I know everyone is aware of. Would it not be nice to enjoy an outside BBQ without the risk of flies landing on your freshly BBQ meat, salads, and of course without the annoying itchiness the day after from all the mosquito bites!

Let me just remind you of something, not only are these pests annoying, they too carry disease! Flies are known to cause food poisoning, dysentery, tuberculosis, cholera, parasitic worm infections in humans and mosquitoes can cause malaria and dengue fever.

Let us help you, by protecting your health, your home & your food!

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