Spring Pests in Sydney

Spring Pests in Sydney

Spring is here, along with a slew of new warmer weather pests! Want to know what types of pests are in season now, and how to prevent them?

Spiders in Sydney
With the warm weather upon us it is that time of year again where Spiders are becoming more active in the home and office.

Now is a good opportunity to treat you home to keep your family safe. Call Quality Pest Management & Solutions today on 1300 146 292 to book in your home for your Spring pest treatment.

Sydney Bees
As summer approaches, you will see more bees foraging for pollen around plants in the garden. As they become more active they will be swarming and looking for places to set up new hives. If you notice them swarming or nesting on your property be careful not to get stung! Keep your family safe from bees this spring – contact us for bee treatments on 1300 146 292. We can even provide same day service!

Sydney Termites
At this time of year Termite Alates will be flying around on the warm humid Sydney nights. We have already had a few nights where they have flown already, you may have seen them yourself around street lights or outdoor lights. If you see these outside it normally means that a termite nest is not far away, so we recommend that you have your home inspected. If you see termite alates flying from timber of a structure inside the home it is important that you do not spray into the timber. Use a vacuum to suck the termites in the open up and contact us immediately on 1300 146 292 to arrange a full termite inspection or treatment.

Do you have another pest problem or concern? Give us a call 1300 146 292! We treat all pest types in all suburbs of Greater Sydney.