Rodent Control Sydney

Helpful Tips for Rodent Control in Your Sydney Home
If you come across rodent droppings in your Sydney home, you should be concerned about it. Instead of running to the store to buy products that provide only short-term relief from the pest problem, you should seek professional help and follow tips that provide long-term prevention. Even when you seek the help of Rodent Control Sydney professionals, there are many things you should know to prevent rats and mice from returning to your home.
Why You Need Rodent Control and Not Just Short-Term Solutions?
Once rats and mice enter your home, they can do more harm than damaging your belongings. They can also transmit diseases to your loved ones and pets. Timely intervention by Rodent Control Sydney experts can prevent an infestation. It can also prevent the need to go through an extermination process.
A rat infestation can cause the following damages if the situation is left untreated:
• Damage to the wiring
• Damage to the insulation of your walls
• Chew and damage the walls and floor joists
• Weaken the retaining walls, hillsides, and other structures
A mice infestation can cause the following damages to your home:
• Droppings can trigger asthma in asthma patients and children
• Significant damage to your furniture and other belongings
• Contaminate food
• Causing house fires by chewing electric cables
Rodent Control for Your Home
Rodent Control Sydney services will focus on getting rid of rodents both in the short-term and long term. A professional rodent control process will cover different areas in your home:
• Roof: Bait blocks will be placed in the roof cavity or space through the manhole accessible from within your home.
• Sub-Floor: Rat and mouse bait blocks are placed under your home. If the areas are accessible to your kids, pets or other wildlife, we can place the baits in lockable boxes.
• Home Interiors: If required, your Rodent Control Sydney professionals will also place bait blocks inside your home. This will typically include areas behind:
o Washing machine
o Fridge
o Cupboards
o Stove
o Furniture
• Home Exteriors: Lockable rodent stations are commonly used externally to prevent rodents from entering your home. Placing these baits is especially more important during the colder months when rats and mice are seeking ways to enter your house.
Rodent Proofing
Once you rodent-proof your home, you will have a lesser requirement for Rodent Control Sydney. It will help prevent a rat or mice infestation from occurring in the first place. This strategy will involve making your home less attractive to these pests and preventing them from entering.
Whether you have already had a rodent infestation or not, you should rodent-proof your home to prevent future infestations. This means not just working with your Rodent Control Sydney service provider but also taking the following steps:
• Sealing all cracks, gaps, and crevices in doors, windows, and around pipes.
• Cleaning out gutters to prevent rodents from building nests
• Blocking all openings around pipes
• Trimming back branches, bushes, and plants
• Storing waste products such as branches, leaves, and grass clippings away from your home
• Maintain a clean house and empty the garbage bins more frequently
• Remove any potential food sources including food crumbs, food scraps, and dirty dishes
Thus, Rodent Control in your Sydney home isn’t just about getting professional services to get rid of rats and mouse, but also to take steps to prevent further problems.