Opossum vs. Possum – Is It the Same Animal?

What is Opossum?

The opossum is usually found in North America, South America, and Central America. The opossum is rat-like animals but not exactly like them. There are more than 60 species of opossum. It is one type of Australian animals that carry its baby in its pocket. They have a cone-shaped pink tip, white, grey, black fur, and a long hairless tail. They love trees and hang out by staying afloat. Wet areas, marshy lands, and swaps are their favourite locations. They love nights and search for their food during the night only. Opossum can eat both vegetation and meat. Many mistake Opossum as possum that is slightly different. However, Sydney possum removal is an eternal part of the Sydney pest control processes.

What is a Possum?

The possum is not the same as an opossum. Many dictionaries misinterpret possum as an opossum. Possum has the same diet as the opossum as they are also nocturnal. They have a thick tail, thick body fur and pointed ears. Possum is notorious in the Sydney area and often invade human habitats. They are usually 65 centimetres long and weighs a minimum of 1.5 kilograms. They are also found in New Zealand.

What Are the Difference Between Opossum and Possum?

It is hard to recognize the difference between the opossum and possum if you see them together. However, some of the following pointers can help:

  • The one with a weak tail is an opossum, while the one with a thick tail is a possum.
  • Possums have round ears as compared to the opossums with sharp features.
  • The fur of opossums is white, grey, or black, while that of possums is golden, yellow, etc.
  • The difference is between their locations. The Virginia marsupials are popularly called opossum, while the Australian marsupials are referred to as possum. To be more specific, opossum lives in North America, and possum live in Australia.

What Are the Similarity Between Opossum and Possum?

Some of the similarities between opossums and possums are:

  • Both are marsupials. Both carry their kids in a pouch-like the kangaroos in Australia.
  • Both don’t hibernate. However, opossums and possums turn sluggish during winters to protect themselves from harsh weather conditions.
  • Both are nocturnal. Opossums and possums can eat vegetations like plants, branches, small insects, meats, etc. Thus, food is certainly not an issue for them.
  • Both opossums and possums love trees. They hang on trees like the monkeys but are least recognizable due to their small size.
  • Both opossums and possums are a threat to wildlife and humans. They have the potential to spread deadly diseases like bovine tuberculosis.


To sum up, opossums and possums are not the same animals. However, both are from the same family but are found in different locations. Further, they have other physical features as well. The confusion over their identities is mostly due to the similarities between their diet, habitat, and reproduction processes. Possum removal Sydney understands the risk factors associated with these naughty pests. Thus, many people opt for their removal services to ensure zero invasions by them.