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Moths are a problem of every second home in Australia. Whenever people open boxes or bags where they kept seasonal dresses or occasionally worn dresses, they see holes in their expensive products. Things are not limited to old clothes only, moths’ can be found in old books and papers and even in your kitchen pantries and stores.

They mostly feed on grains cereals, natural fabrics like wool or silk and stuff like paper and in some cases old wood. Symptoms of the presence of moths can be holes in your clothes, webs or cocoons in your closets and pantries. Larvae and eggs are tiny worms like creatures whereas adult moth looks like a butterfly so in case you open your grain or nuts packets and you see some small creature running, it’s a sign you need an immediate solution to save your products. 

Why are moths hazardous?

Health Problems

  • They can cause skin problems like irritations or rashes.
  • They multiply so quickly and start spreading all around the spaces like cupboards, wall and ceiling cracks, bags and luggage, etc.
  • Their first attack is stored food item so they contaminate food products and can cause digestive problems.

Other Problems

  • Moths can ruin your library books, essential documents, and clothes.
  • To get rid of them it becomes necessary to wash the products or in worst case scenarios, throw them away.
  • You might also face musty smell in your home.


What can we do to control?

  • Our team will identify spaces and articles where moths are living. Inspect for signs and suggest suitable pesticide.
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas, especially under heavy furniture to make sure that no web or larvae are left in homes to breed again.