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Cockroaches are a nightmare for many people as they are creepy, ugly and grubby. They are a part of human culture for ancient times, and a vast majority of them lives in homes, gutters, trash areas, and other corner and crevices all around Sydney. For instance their offense increases when they are found in cabinets, cupboards, washrooms, backyards, and kitchens of our homes. Sydney cockroaches enter our homes through cracks, drainage pipelines, or sewerage holes and lines, and additionally by the items we carry into our homes like furniture pieces and boxes.

Their size varies from 50mm to 2 inches in length depending upon the type of species. These insects have, a pair of antennae attached to their heads and sometimes have wings too which they can use to fly. Cockroaches are often stubborn, and become extremely tough to get rid of. With speed they can quickly reach the host areas and often conventional insect killing pesticides are unable to control them. In conclusion, the reproduction cycle of a cockroach is fast and can reproduce in great numbers in just a few weeks.

Varieties of Cockroaches

There are almost 4600 types of cockroaches around the world among which 30 varieties are affiliated with human habitats and very few are considered as pests. The most common types found in Australian homes are mentioned below.

  • Australian cockroach
  • German cockroach
  • Smoky brown cockroach
  • Oriental cockroach
  • Brown-banded cockroach
  • American cockroach

Why are cockroaches hazardous?

Health Problems

  • Due to the reason of spreading tons of germs and infections cockroaches are known as “dirty pests.” Hence become a reason for common diseases to chronicle conditions.
  • Contaminate food with E.coli and Salmonella bacteria. From food poisoning to permanent stomach, gallbladder and kidney disturbances can be triggered by eating contaminated food .
  • Exposure to faeces and cadaver of cockroaches for a longer time can cause asthma and activates allergies.
  • Faeces can create a number of skin problems, and are very perilous for infants and kids.
  • Nasty odours are common, and their dead bodies are very stinky.
  • Few varieties may produce clicking, chirping or hissing noises which can cause disturbances in sleep.

Other problems

  • Your home is an ideal breeding ground for cockroaches, so they fearlessly attack the food, enjoy the warmth and set numerous nesting sites.
  • Cockroaches reproduce very quickly. For every single one, you see in your home there can be voluminous numbers reproducing behind your walls.
  • They are nocturnal and severe infestation force them to do their jobs in the daytime. So, they can make your home, restaurant or space look unclean and murky.

What can we do to control?

For Instance, there are several simple and specialised techniques to control infestation of cockroaches and to limit from entering human living spaces.

  • Some practice exclusion techniques include sealing of all kinds of cracks, gaps or openings with a caulking compound, putty, plastic wood or molten metal.
  • Individual roaches roaming inside are collected with a high power vacuum cleaner or typical brooming method and discarded safely.
  • Apply caulk around all penetrations through ground level walls.
  • Find permanent plumbing solutions to reduce water leaks, overflow drains and make sure to drain traps full or capped.
  • Ventilate moist spaces to make sure that cockroaches may not affect your home or building again.

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