Termite Inspection Services


Termites are often called “white ants,” but they have traits and habits close to cockroaches. Being a dirt pest, they are very destructive for health and property where they live. They are soft body insects having tiny structure and live in colonies. They have waste feeding habits and eat cellulose-containing plant materials.

But their destruction stories are not limited to plants only. House structures all around Australia are constructed by using various material types like wood, board materials, synthetic planks, concrete, etc. More or less all these materials contain cellulose content, so they welcome termites as a host. You have to find a solution to termite infestation using high-quality Termite Inspection Services.

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Termite Inspection in Sydney

Why you need Inspection?

Before buying new property or signing mortgage papers, it is recommended to hire a termite inspection company to save thousands of bucks you spend in rent or purchase of the unappropriated property. It is cheaper to conduct a termite inspection in Sydney instead of allowing the termites to cause all havoc and then, hire a company to get rid of termites.

As termites live in colonies and feed on materials like wood, cement, concrete, paper, cardboard material, synthetic materials etc. they provide food, suitable temperature, place to live and adequate environment for reproduction. They set their colonies behind or inside the walls, floorings, ceilings, and fixtures. Very little signs are given to the outer world and in most cases when their numbers increase to great extend then few insects are pushed out of their living spaces.

We offer the most professional Termite Inspection Services where the inspection team of our company use high-tech detection devices like Termatrac T3 to search the nests for every corner and even behind the corners with competitive accuracy to prevent your property form further damages.

Sawdust-like droppings are a clear sign that termites are settled in great number and they have crafted narrow tunnels with in the structure of your property. They might stay in their galleries but by the time you start observing their presence, they have marked great damage to the strength of the structure.

With electronic eye of especially designed devices, it is easy and accurate to catch the emissions by tiny creatures and find their living spots. Termatrac T3 device not only identifies the presence of dry wood termites but also help to sense the real problems which are affecting the constructional value of your property. Rather that piercing the wall and causing physical damage to any part of the site, we prefer to use Termatrac T3 which is 3 times effective, handheld sensors along with a troika of various probes which help in reaching to the colonies of termites.

The device uses microwave signals which are pre-set to a frequencies to detect termite bodies. The device have ability to look through walls made of cement, wood, linoleum, board materials or vinyl to detect nests. It marks the hot spots with your building structure which are instigated by the warmth of termite colonies. It can also detect moisture emitted by an active nest of termites, nearby or at some distance.

Along with 3 dimensional working sensor the device is lightweight, highly portable and powerful to detect the sneaky insects regardless of the materials behind which they infest and live. It’s a miraculous machine which works efficiently and smartly in few minutes. Our services are supreme in the market because we are not following typical methods but are incorporating various new techniques to deliver 100% beneficial services to our clients. No matter it’s a home, factory, restaurant, warehouse, studio, or a wooden structure used for any other purpose.

We also have another modern day device FLIR E60bx which is a heat sensory machine to find out electrical problems and to detect the warm termite colonies in your building. When the device is operated by an experienced team it can effectively help to identify places where termite nests are located. We have full command in managing a control over termite infestation within small time with the help of mentioned techniques.