Termites in Australia

Termites in Sydney

Termites have become a common problem across Sydney. Approximately 180 species of termites are found here. They mostly feed upon cellulose, an organic compound that is found in the wooden furniture that we have at home and in our workplace. They reside in dark, damp places and when left untreated, they can cause severe damage to your property. Further, they can cause various allergies and infections. Dealing with them is a big problem, as they live in social colonies. The size of the colonies can vary from 100 to around 1 million and even more! While treating termites, it is very important to get rid of the entire colony, as they have a very rapid reproduction rate.

Another big problem with Sydney termites is that, very often, their presence goes undetected until they have caused severe damage to your property. The damage is irreversible and therefore, we strongly recommend that you must get your property inspected at regular interval. The team at Quality Pest Control Management , will visit your property in our well-equipped service vans and will carry out necessary detection processes. At the end, they will provide you an inspection report outlining the condition of your home and the measures required to overcome the issues (if any). The report will be in simple English. Further, our team will brief you thoroughly and address all your queries. If termite treatment is required, we will also provide you an obligation free quote.

Apart from treating termites in commercial and residential properties, we also offer preventive treatment for new constructions. Our preventive measures will keep your property termite-free for years to come, thereby giving you the peace of mind that you deserve. We will follow various termite control measures during the construction process, in order to ensure you a better protection.

Our termite treatment process is in accordance with Australian Government standards. We also provide 100% guarantee on our services. In case your issue is not resolved, we will do the needful at no extra cost.

Having an issue with Termites? Quality Pest Management & Solutions is here to help!

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