Possum Control – Feral Possums, A Home Invader!

Possum Control – Feral Possums, A Home Invader!

Possums during the colder seasons have an aptitude towards finding safe, nice and warm nest’s to dwell in and retreat during the day. Being nocturnal creatures, these little friends tend to enter the dwellings of peoples homes at night, causing loud noises and disturbed sleep, entering mainly through roof cavities or vents in search of warmth and shelter. 

How do possums get into my roof? Possums are extremely agile and smart in relation to finding homes to nest in! These guys can locate broken roof tiles, broken capping on your roof, damaged guttering or inadequately sealed off entry points under the eaves of your roof as a direct entry point towards living in your roof cavity.

Are they Dangerous? Yes, possums can be dangerous if provoked, you do not want to get scratched or bitten by one as they can infections in untreated wounds. Most bites and scratches are due to trying to handle a possum which is why we always promote a trapping system where we can safely catch the possum and handle it accordingly and remove it safely without harming ourselves or the possums. 

What happens after the possum is caught? Once the possum is caught, one of our friendly team members at Quality Pest Management & Solutions will remove the possum and hold onto it, if need be, until the entry point is located on or in your roof and sealed accordingly. This allows for us to release the possum locally where caught, knowing that it will not re-enter your roof.

Are possums okay to live in my roof? They certainly are, however it is not recommended as they leave droppings, and can cause massive damage with urine stains that yellow the ceiling and cause weak spots which can tear or break over time causing more damage that costs rather than removing the possum.  

I have a possum in my roof! What do we do? The best thing to do is to call our friendly team on 0423 587 112 or 0423 698 894 to organize and discuss a treatment to catch, seal and release your possum(s) which are invading your roof! We provide professional support and assistance with guaranteed results. Our work is extremely transparent and we always strive to offer the best prices and solutions available in order to make your home free of possums.

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