Lawn Pests

Lawn Pests

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Lawn pests’ category includes root-feeding grubs and surface dwelling grubs. Altogether, the division of lawn pests means varieties of worms, mites, crickets, beetles and some other small insects. All these mini creatures can ruin the growth of your garden plants and can get into your homes as well.

Not all of the lawn pests are dangerous and hazardous, but some of the varieties can create an enormous mess when they enter the premises of homes. From small crawling larvae and worms to flying bugs, all these species feed themselves on extracts, roots, leaves, and fruits of plants. So, your dream of setting a beautiful garden can turn into a messy land because of lawn pests.

Types of lawn pests in Australian Gardens

Root feeding grubs commonly found in Australian lawns or gardens include white curl grub, scarab beetle larvae, lawn beetle larvae or cockchafer juvenile stage of a lawn beetle.

Surface-dwelling grubs which are typically found in Australian lawns or gardens includes caterpillars sod webworm, armyworm, cutworm, and moths.

Varieties of bugs which lives in Australia are African lawn beetle, sod webworm, armyworm, cutworm whereas few uncommon varieties are two spotted mites, couch grass mite, false wireworm, wireworm, and mole crickets

Why do you need to remove them from your gardens?

Health Problems

  • They can cause skin infections, moles, bristles, irritation, rashes, marks, skin flaking, etc.
  • Some of the lawn pests are slightly poisonous as well. Their byte and faeces can cause stomach problems and allergies.
  • A few of the lawn pests can stick to your skin and start infestation which can cause chronicle diseases and infections. You may need complicated medical treatments to get rid of them.
  • Many start invading your homes and nearby gardens if not treated on time.
  • In case you digest them- they can quickly disturb your digestive system with their poisonous bodies. Heavy medicines or removal through the medical process becomes necessary to control the harms caused inside the human body.

Other problems

  • Some can contaminate your food products.
  • Varieties of lawn pests have high reproduction rate so, within few weeks they become uncontrollable.
  • Few species of lawn pests are resistant to pesticides and welcomes other animals or birds to attack your gardens.

What can we do to control?


  • For surface dwelling grubs and pests we apply insecticides in the late afternoon or early evening. The pest control is combined with a light watering to get the best results.
  • Root feeding grubs and pests some stronger and concentrated forms of insecticide are applied with heavy watering to ensure that the pest control reaches right into the roots of the lawn.
  • All varieties of pest control are safe for plants and once the vegetables, or fruits are washed under flowing water the chemical has no effect on human bodies.