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Throughout centuries, termites have proven to be a tremendous problem for Australian building industry as well as the residents. These small, hardly even noticeable creatures cause millions of dollars’ worth of damages every year and continue to threaten all wooden constructions. To ensure that your property does not fall prey to termites, Quality Pest Management offers a range of services and high quality products that protect your property both before and after construction.

Our team consists of professionals who are fully trained to use and install these insect-repelling technologies. We are dedicated to providing you the best service and therefore our aim is to ensure that these products prove to be effective in the long run, while meeting the government regulations. The products used by our company are among the most thorough, effective and long-lasting ones to ensure the complete blockage of any entry available to termites on a new construction site.

Termites are often called “white ants” but they have traits and habits close to cockroaches. Being a dirt pest they are very destructive for health and property where they live. They are basically soft body insects having tiny structure and live in colonies. They have waste feeding habits and eat cellulose containing plant materials.

But their destruction stories are not limited to plants only. House structures all around Australia are constructed by using various material types like wood, board materials, synthetic planks, concrete etc. More or less all these materials contain cellulose content so they welcome termites as a host.

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Termites are wood consuming insects that live together in colonies. Using a termite bait is a slow poisoning technique that is beneficial for eliminating their community system. Though, the bait food can also be prepared to attract and kill termite as soon as they eat it. But, it would be of no use as rest of the termites will be safe in their nests and within no time they will breed to multiply.

At Quality Pest Management & Solutions, we apply the sentricon termite baiting system to ensure most effective and efficient results to our clients. However, hundreds of different termite species can be found in Australia, with over dozens of pests categories. It seems difficult for someone to buy and apply the Sentricon termite bait to kill a swarm of termites in a house. It requires practical knowledge and expertise to identify the types and species of termites. It is also needed to understand the behaviour of hunting termites that involves purchasing the right product and placing baits for the best possible effect.

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